Opening Hours

8 am - 6.15 pm
Monday to Friday


Toddler Room
“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for ….. over the past year. You’ve given her a great start in life. We’ve loved you having her there and more importantly she has loved being there with you. Thanks for everything”

Belvedere Hills

Belvedere Hills Nursery is a place...

... where children are valued for their sense of wonder, their genuine curiosity to explore and their natural desire to learn.

... where staff are valued for their ability to work together for the benefit of the children, for their energy and enthusiasm, for their capacity to build relationships and their ability to design and implement a well-planned curriculum.

... where families are valued for the support they provide for their children, for the partnerships they build with our staff, their keenness to help and for their willingness to entrust their children into our care.

... where all are valued for their unique abilities and ideas, for their ability to play, for the respect they give one another, for their capacity to trust and learn from one another.

Our goals are to

  • Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all the children in our care.
  • Strive to create mutual respect between parents and staff: a partnership for the benefit of the child.
  • Encourage children to explore, manipulate and use the toys around them, think critically, solve problems, gain confidence and build friendships and respect for one another and the world around us.
  • Support children's needs for creative expression, increased independence, closeness, warmth and compassion.
  • Extend children's knowledge through books, meaningful conversations and discussions, group work, and a variety of activities and experiences.
  • Include in our program opportunities to express kindness and cooperation.